Pakistani Entrepreneur's Solution for Clean Drinking Water Issue of Pakistan

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Drinking water crisis in Pakistan. But there is a solution!

Amid rising population and climate change, the availability of fresh water is becoming worrisome in certain regions, particularly Pakistan. Experts suggest that Pakistan may face absolute water scarcity by 2040. Moreover drinking water quality is poorly managed in monitored. Pakistan ranks 80 among 122 nations regarding drinking water quality. Drinking water sources, both surface and groundwater are contaminated with coliforms, toxic metals and pesticides throughout the country.

Understanding the gravity of this issue, Soul Brothers Pakistan has recently collaborated with Ammar Jangbarwala, co-founder and CEO of Mywater. Engineer by profession, he is also an entrepreneur having spent last 10 years helping tech start-ups in product development in US and China. After moving back to Pakistan, Ammar witnessed lack of clean water especially for the disenfranchised, he also realized that the problem was lack of not only technology but distribution as well. Even consumers drinking bottled waters from top tier brands were unaware of the contamination in their waters due to the plastic bottles it comes in. Hence, Mywater was born to introduce innovative water products for Pakistanis from various market segments. Using cutting edge filtration technology, smart sensors and sleek product design, Mywater wants to transform the way how mineral water gets to a glass.

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We invited him to #TheGuyTalk to talk about his initiatives and vision as how MyWater plans to transform the water industry of Pakistan keeping in view of certain factors i.e. uncertain bottle quality, hygiene and after sales.

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According to Ammar, the mechanism is as simple as a water dispenser with a bottle less and safe system. Connected to any water pipe source, the dispenser is equipped with industry standard RO membranes and filters to purify contaminated water with higher efficiencies like a large water purification plant. Moreover, as a customer you have access to the MyWater mobile app which shows various parameters like water incoming quality and (outgoing) to your glass enabling a live status of the process. They offer various nominal plans to cater to your needs whether residential or household. While speaking about customer service, Ammar said that he believes that without providing value to consumers, a product becomes novelty not a habit, hence they keep customer satisfaction as their top priority. This is a bold statement considering not many companies consider customer service as their priority of business.

The company claims to have saved over 7 Million plastic bottles and this is just in 3 cities (KLI) alone! They plan to expand to other cities of Pakistan

So what’s in it for Soul Brothers?

Soul Brothers Pakistan has collaborated with Mywater to offer a winning solution to our members and their households with respect to the looming water crisis in the country. This initiative is part of Soul Brothers Pakistan #BroClub collaboration.

Soul Brothers Pakistan members can schedule a free survey with MyWater (fully vaccinated) representatives and avail an exclusive 10% discount. The Discount can be availed by calling  021-11-11-WATER(92837) or by visiting their website at:

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