Alarm Bells? 119 percent increase in the number of experienced and highly professional Pakistanis Leaving!

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Pakistan Business Council recently expressed grave concerns over highly experienced and skilled Pakistanis immigrating. With some indicators suggesting high remittances inflow during last few months, it is yet alarming how lightly we take this as a nation as the words "experienced and skilled" are assets for any country.

Everyone knows that standard of education and government expenditure and priority when it comes Pakistani masses with few having access to quality schools and universities as it stands. Despite the high numbers of population growth and unemployment and inflation soaring, it is crucial to note the importance of cream of country not choosing to stay to add value within the country.

By no means this indicates that the ones who are left behind may not be able to add value but the very logic that people who immigrate legally fulfill highest standard of requirements that ads value to the country they are moving to.

Another factor is that these immigrants are going away to stay which means after a generation or so their impact to remittances will also lower down, resulting in a more damaging situation to who ever thinks that Pakistanis moving are some sort of exports that bring in revenues back.

Pakistan Business Council stated: “The 119% increase in the number of Pakistanis emigrating is a major cause for concern. Many of these individuals are experienced, high-quality professionals that the formal sector is losing. The proposed changes in slab rates, particularly the earlier application of the 35% top rate, will accelerate this brain drain,” it said in a tweet on X.

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