#NotAllMen Trends in Pakistan against #YesAllMan - Gender Discrimination

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On 27th July 2021 - a hashtag trended across twitter where a certain selective segment chose to use #YesAllMen stereotyping all men to be the same in a negative way. This is not the first time a certain group has tried to enforce their thought process hiding behind the premise of some genuine issues faced by Pakistani Society.  

While the trend of #YesAllMen was starting to gain momentum, a huge segment of society including men and women came forward to shun the dangerous narrative of gender conflict and refocused the direction on main issues faced by the society at large which are beyond gender, race or ethnicity. 

Here is how some on Twitter shared their voice:


There were some very logical points raised from various angles from moving the shift towards actual crimes in society to raising voice against gender conflict, many came forward and soon replaced the negative trend with #NotAllMen. 

It is pertainent to note that crime of any nature is condemnable and deserves attention from authorities and public atlarge. However it is also very important to realise that such trends hide behind the back of some genuine issues which must be addressed. 

Gender conflict seems to be in fashion globally and now trying to make its way to Pakistan which has its own chronic challenges of societies norms, values, crime and economic factors to deal with. 

A very strong realisation needs to be understood by the society at large so that real challenges of men and women which range from crime descrimination as well as abuse of women are addressed for an independent prosperous society not confused by ideas that do not fit in societies like Pakistan. 

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