#ManToWatch - Hasan Rizvi an artist in spirit & a PR Professional

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Hasan Rizvi is an artist in spirit and a Public Relations expert by profession. He is founder and CEO of Pakistan’s leading Public Relations Agency, BodyBeat Group. Rizvi’s mantra is, “A smart and timely PR campaign is infinitely more effective than any other form of communication”

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His company, Body Beat Group holds a diverse portfolio consisting top local and International brands. His insights and integrity have helped his clients achieve trendsetting success and also recover from crisis situations.

Hasan believes that people are not just looking for goods and services; they are looking for relations, stories and magic. His vision is to provide these values to all his clients.

Initially BodyBeat used to be a popular dance class that turned into an event management company. Since the name was recognized in the entertainment and even management industries, Rizvi decided to stick to it and now runs a full-fledged PR company, holding one of the biggest corporate portfolios in Pakistan.

In 2021, Rizvi became part of the trio that launched Pakistan’s most premium and long lasting range of fragrances under the title of Kohsaaa. His co partners include Komal Rizvi and Saad Saeed. Their vision is to develop scented products that are far elevated from what is currently available in Pakistan but at competitive prices.

Hasan also co-founded Dress Code. A fashion house that produces quality fabric to create apparel that is timeless yet trendy. With Dress Code, Hasan wants to raise the bar with every single piece produced, therefore this brand pays exceptional attention to detail and quality.

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Hasan’s mission is to dress the empowered millennial, the inspired Gen Z, & the budding generations to come, as they set out to carve their place in the world.

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