So it begins? - Russian Patience Finally Runs Out | Check out the equation Model

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President Putin Announced "Special Military Operation" today while Ukraine calls Russian attack a 'full-scale invasion'. 

With he jitters being felt across the world already, sanction threats from west along with propect human sufferring on ground, the situation in Ukraine is very simple contrary to the complicated perspectives being shadowed across the western world. 

Let us put in in forms of a few scenario equations in our perspective. 

1. Ukraine + Russian Sphere of Influence state till Feb 2014 + West backed revolution for "democracy = Russia Looses key border ally. 

2. West Backed Ukraine Government + Push towards EU and Nato membership + Promises of so called democracy = Chaos and division in society and more security threat for Russia on its border. 

3. Russia cannot afford NATO on its borders + Ukraine sandwidched in global superpower tug of war = Russia making moves for its natonal security. 

4. Russia being energy rich + Europe having huge demand for energy = Not that easy for Europe to fully support US interests. 

The 4 equations above are a few perspectives from Russian side of the story, open to debate but its quite simple that Russia would do anything to secure its borders and position on the world stage specially after successfully defending Assad Regime in Syria. 

Statement from Ukrainian President shows how once Russian Brother in arm relies on west:


Further reading on this: 

This is how it stands today as on Feb 24th 2022, lets see what else the future holds. 


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